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Hotmilk Shine White Cammi

Hotmilk Shine White Cammi

Are you looking for a simple, fitted camisole that gives you a range of options? This White Shine Camisole from HOTmilk is a lovely soft camisole that’s also really versatile!

This camisole is really flexible, giving you the chance to wear it as outerwear during the summer, under layers for that bit of extra warmth in the winter,or to match your lounge pants or pyjamas. 

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This camisole is made of beautiful cotton modal, which is soft and shouldn’t irritate your sensitive skin at the time when you need comfort the most. It’s a comfortable and practical camisole, with adjustable straps and ruching between the cups to help you find the fit you want.

So is it supportive? The camisole has an internal shelf built in, with an elasticated bottom instead of wires, so that you don’t have to wear a bra for support. Experts recommend wearing a bra without wires when you’re pregnant or nursing your baby, to reduce the chance of developing mastitis. The internal A-Frame offers support when the cups are down, and the one-handed maternity clips on the straps allow you to unclip the drop cups and feed your baby whilst still holding them comfortably in the other hand.

So why would we recommend this Shine Camisole from HOTmilk? We think that this camisole is a brilliant, versatile piece that gives you a range of options.




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